Practical HR, employee relations & legal risk strategies for managing difficult behaviour

5th Annual Managing Difficult Employee Behaviour - Online Workshop

Ensuring that difficult employee behaviours are managed effectively, and compliantly can be one of the biggest challenges facing HR professionals today. Having a solid understanding of the relevant laws and strategies around the management of such behaviour can significantly minimise legal, financial and cultural risks for your organisation. 

  • Define and identify behaviours which need to be addressed
  • Develop internal processes to effectively respond to difficult employee behaviours
  • Avoid common pitfalls during the investigation, disciplinary and/or termination process
  • Understand employers’ legal obligations to proactively mitigate financial risks
  • Discover strategies for implementing consistent policies and procedures across your organisation
  • Strengthen your disciplinary and termination processes
  • Acquire the skills to conduct difficult conversations in an appropriate and confident manner
  • Conduct procedurally fair workplace investigations which are legally defensible
  • Gain practical advice to reduce the risk of claim under the Fair Work Act, discrimination law, common law and employment contracts
  • Understand what constitutes reasonable management action, taken in a reasonable manner, and ‘harsh, unjust or unreasonable’ actions

Facilitated by legal experts from Kingston Reid

Emily Baxter

Senior Associate

Kingston Reid

Christa Lenard


Kingston Reid

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By attending this one-day workshop, you will gain a solid understanding of the relevant laws governing the management of difficult employee behaviour, how to avoid legal pitfalls, manage such behaviour, and conduct effective investigations. 

With lots of opportunities for questions and advice, this training workshop provides delegates with practical steps you can take back to the office and start implementing immediately. It will help delegates to train their managers on how to identify and better manage misconduct, difficult employees and situations in the workplace – before they get escalated to senior management or legal.


People who are responsible for managing employees, workplace conflict, disciplinary processes, investigations and terminations including:
  • Heads of HR  
  • Heads of People & Culture  
  • People and Capability Managers
  • HR Advisors 
  • HR Business Partners  
  • Workplace Relations managers  
  • People & Performance managers 
  • Heads of Talent Management
  • Senior operational management 
From across all industries and Government

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